MahaDBT Scholarship Maharashtra – All Updated Information 2018

Many of our readers from Maharashtra’s were asking questions about MahaDBT Scholarship so we decided to make a post on MahaDBT E-Scholarship. Here in this post I am going to answer all the question regarding MahaDBT Scholarship scheme in Maharashtra. If you are a student from Maharashtra and looking for a scholarship then keep reading. MahaDBT Scholarship is goto Scholarship for you. The important thing is, it is completely online and you don’t need to visit any office to apply for it.

What Is MahaDBT

Government of Maharashtra started this online portal to transfer Scholarship money into student’s bank account. In MahaDBT, DBT means Direct Benefit Transfer. DBT is Central Government’s initiative to ensure that people get money which govt allot them for Scholarship, pension or any other cause. Maharashtra Govt. adopted this scheme to transfer scholarships as it increase the transparency of scheme. All the procedures of MahaDBT Scholarship is online.

Updated Portal

At first, when the scheme started it was named as Mahaeschol. In Oct 2017, govt renamed it with Mahadbt and also changed the website to operate. Now old website is not working and you must need to register yourself on new website. New website is Mahadbt.Gov.In

Login into MahaDBT

If you are already signed up to online portal and have a login detail (UserID and Password) then you can sign in to the portal and access everything in your dashboard.

  • Select the type of user. It should be “Student” for you if you are looking for scholarship.
  • Fill the username, password and captcha correctly.
  • Hit “login” and you will get into your Mahadabt dashboard

MahaDBT scholarship Login

How to create new account on Mahadbt

If you have not created account then grab your 12 digit Aadhar number and make an account now. I am going to list the step by step process below.

Step 1: Start the process

Go to the MahaDBT Registration page and select “New Registration” from there. I will give you a straight forward tip. Go with Aadhaar card option. This is better then bio-metric method and take only 5 minutes time to signing up.

Select “Yes” and move on the second step.

Step 2: Verify Aadhaar card with OTP

Once selected the Aadhaar card from step 1, it will ask you for 12 digit Aadhaar card number and validation OTP which you will receive on your registered mobile number.

  • Click on “Send OTP”
  • Read OTP from your mobile number and submit in portal.
  • Once verified, you will receive all of your information like Your name, fathers name etc on your mahadbt dashboard screen.

Step 3: Create username and password for future logins

Now you need to create a username and password for mahadbt Scholarship portal. This login password will help you to log into the mahadbt dashboard anytime you want. You just need to enter that on login page and you will be able to apply for scholarships, track the status of old applications and lot more.

Don’t use a easy to predictable password. Password must be 8 character long containing at least a small letter, a capital letter, one special character and a number.

This is the whole process and you successfully signed up. if you face any problem, try following tweaks-

  • Wait for a while and try again.
  • Dont try with smartphone, try with desktop chrome browser.
  • Update browser to the latest version.
  • Remove all the browser addons.
  • try by changing the browser.

Step 4: Time to apply for MahaDBT Scholarship

I hope you all have completed the process above. That is easy if you have a desktop browser and decent internet connection. Now you have login details. Keep them noted down safely.

  • Login to the portal and open the Mahadbt Scholarship dashboard.
  • Find Apply Schemes -> Category -> E-Scholarship on the left side menu bar. All the scholarships are updated there.
  • Click on the individual scholarship link and you will be able to see eligibility criteria for that particulate scholarship.
  • You can also navigate to the Check Eligibility -> E-Scholarship to check if you are eligible for any scholarship according to the eligibility criteria. It will ask you some simple questions and after submission you will see all possible opportunities of a scholarship.

Summery for Apply MahaDBT Scholarship

I tried to solve all the questions about mahadbt scholarship and hope you understand them. If you don’t understand anything then you are most welcome to ask it below. We will also get a Facebook group to solve out your issues mutually. BioMetric method of applying mahadbt is little tricky. Try to get into with Aadhaar card method explained above.